Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What an adventure!!!!

Hi to all!!!!
Let's be again in house but more than a vacation have not spent an adventure!!!
Perhaps it is the case to say misadventure; a third day of vacation we decided to go out with the bicycle, unfortunately after having made few meters has started suddenly raining.
While in a line of descent Mattia, my greater child, is strongly fallen to earth making up for a fracture of the femur!!! Ohh my God that great fear!!!! It has immediately been brought in the hospital and operated with urgency. Luckily that the operation has gone very good and Mattia has been very brave and good!!!! Ohh it is really a fantastic child, after a week of hospital we have reentered in Italy.
Today the examinations of control have been performed and it seems that everything is all right.
I am really happy even if Mattia will have to be firm for other three weeks and subsequently with a lot of patience to recover with a good rehabilitation :))))
Our fortune has been to have found a good hospital with a good department of sporting trauma because this zone of the Tirol, in Austria, it is a famous skiing station and very frequented in winter. This is the zone: while this is the hospital: .
I believe that it needs to take the life with a pinch of philosophy and to learn to also look at the positive sides, I am often repeated me: and if had gone worse of this way?
This makes us understand that it will be a good motive to return them next year for our vacations:))))


Linda_J said...

welcome home, Simonetta. Sorry to hear about your little ones mishap. Hard on your child and hard on the parents, too.

Hope you have pictures to share?

Fiona said...

Oh what a shame for Mattia and all of you. Well done to him for being so brave, but I'm sorry that your holiday was spoilt - but the main thing is that he will be okay, you can always have another holiday.

Nadine said...

Welcome back, Simonetta !
I'm glad to get news from you, again. My best wishes for your son (I'm happy everything does allright)
Now.... relax and on to quilting !

Patti said...

Oh dear! I'm so glad she is healing well. Not what you want to happen on vacation. Sounds like you can all look on the bright side now, however - since you know she is going to be fine. Lucky such good doctor and hospital were available.

bluerain said...

Glad you are back home and handling life in a positive mood. This of course is not always so easy! What a wonderful adventure you have to remember, even with the hospital detour(:
Take care!!

Denise Wheeler said...

MY GOSH!!! Poor Mattia! Give him a hug from me OK? I am happy you are home now. We can write every day like we usually do! **SMILE**

Huge hugs to you. I miss you.

anne bebbington said...

Simonetta - thank goodness you were in the right place for something so aweful to happen - the hospital sounds like just the place you needed to mend the break

Laurie Ann said...

Welcome back, it is good to hear from you again. I am glad that Mattia is healing nicely. What a scare!