Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hello to everybody.
Thanks to all for the wishes to Mattia. It is well, it doesn't even seem is operated to the femur, if it were that it has to be on the baby carriage
It is reading quite a lot books, we say that he is giving fund to the bookstore and all the books that he had received the last Christmases :)))))
It loves a lot the books, it is a snoop for nature, but it is not some one child that is on the books, rather it loves a lot to be to the open one, to walk, to build, to be in the middle of the nature.
It is a good child! For Mattia, in these days, Christmas has arrived. The grandparents, uncles and friends have come to find to find him and all have brought some gift; books, puzzles, dvd and a lot of candy.
It has exclaimed" Mamy, is not so much evil to break themselves a leg, then all come you to find and they make you the gifts! "
I believe to have learned to memory the sentences of the film " The chronicles of Narnia!" :))))

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Linda_J said...

Well, I guess Mattia has come to understand that getting hurt brought the presents but I bet you hope he doesn't make a habit of it, LOL!