Monday, January 29, 2007

Other photos

Yes, I have posted here some photos of Austria.
This mini snowman was on the windowsill of the house of Monika the lady that entertains us. It was a snowman done with a vase of painted crock of white and it had on the head a hat in sweater, ohhh he was so attractive in the branches of pine! I love the snowmen in all the sauce!!! LOL :)))

 The second photo is the church of the country, with the bell tower to point, very characteristic in the Tirolean region. Indeed an enchantment to see her to the dusk of the evening!
There be also a photo of the famous cake "Sacher", a true delight!!!! Monika celebrated your birthday on January 18, and this cake had been brought her by her daughter Alexandra, ohhh girls, that delights!!!!
I have made the double ration, believe me!!!!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Back to home!

Hello to all,
 we have reentered, and everything has been all right! Great, finally I can now breathe a sigh of relief!!!!
The intervention of surgery has gone good and Mattia is quickly recovering.
We have spent some pleasant days, with the sun, everything was very strange considering that in this season Austria should be submerged by the snow.
The lawns were almost of green color and also the temperature was mild.
Instead the situation is now changed, it has snowed it it is cold.
Ohh I love Austria, it is as my second country, I feel me to my ease, really! I will put some photos, perhaps tomorrow because to my reentry I have found a lot of job to the hospital and so I don't have a lot of leisure timein these days! Sigh!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Well, we am ready for tomorrow's departure.

I cross the fingers and I hope that everything goes for the best.

You have a happy week. We will hear again there with good hope, next Sunday to my reentry!!! Bye-bye  :))))


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Many thanks

Ok someone of you has the secret to make order in the room of the childrens without becoming angry too much and I find again without voice???!!!

No, I don't believe.... LOL.... I was tired to pick up the pajamas of my children every day, then I have made this sack, and my hope is that that they learns to put in the correct place their pajamas!

This is that of Alice, for Mattia I have thought about doing with a military fabric, it loves that; only that he will owe to attend our reentry to house after the intervention.
I would like to thank all of you for the wishes, I believe that everything will go to the best!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Postcard

This was one of the Postcard that I did for Christmas. There has been an exchange of small gifts among friends and one was a lot of surprise and happy to receive a postcard of fabbric.

It didn't even know that was possible to send her for mail!!!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Well!!! I have rested really few, I was busy a lot in the house; to wash, to stretch, to rearrange and for last but not less main point to put back the Christmas decorations. Sigh! I always have some melancholy in to do this; the festivities this year, are passed so fast...

Ok, we think about the future, today a beautiful news has arrived, Mattia next week will serve the intervention for the removal of the needles in Titanium as its leg. Finally, also because it has of the pains and to the evening there is always some swelling above to her knee.

This way us next week we will be in Austria for the operation, we will take advantage to draw the best from this .


Friday, January 05, 2007


Here in Italy we celebrate the Epiphany beginning this night.
In fact it believes that the Epiphany makes visit to the children the preceding night the epiphany  (6 January) to fill the stockings, on purpose leaves suspended from the children in that night, if they have been good with candy and chocolates, otherwise if the coal riempies have been bad. The Epiphany is often described as an old, that flies on a broom. Unlike a witch is often smiling and has a purse or a lot full of candy, gifts, but also of coal.

Mattia and Alice they are at work already, have already hung their stockings and they wait with trepidation the nice oldie!

According to the popular story, the Kings Magi, direct to Bethlehem to bring the gifts Jesus Bambino, not succeeding in finding the road, they asked information to an old.
Despite their insistences, so that it followed them to make visit to the small one, the woman it didn't go out to accompany them. Subsequently repented him not to have gone with them, after having prepared a basket of sweets, it went out and it started looking for them without succeeding us.
This way it stopped him to every house that found along the walk, giving candy to his children that he met, in the hope that one of them were the small Jesus.
Since then it would turn for the world, making gifts to all the children, to make to be forgiven.


Ohh, I am really very tired. In this week in the hospital there has been a lot to do. Many have been the entered patients, serious cases also unfortunately.

Me so reached very tired weekend.

Last night, my children have asked me to watch together with them the movie "The Ice Age 2" but I have fallen asleep on the couch!!! LOL!!!!