Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stars in the hexagon


These are of the stars in the hexagon, I found the explanations in the newsletter of the association of Quilt Italia. They is easy to be done and I think that a beautiful gift will go out for Christmas :))))
Happy quilting!

Happy weekend to all!
I have begun to think about the Christmas in the last days. The last month of October to Vicenza took place a beautiful fair, me of it approffittai to capture some nice idea for the next Christmas:)))
In that occasion I made to make some purchase :))))

I was not able not to purchase any magazines, fabrics, some decoration.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here still photo of the party for halloween :)))) They are also there some jobs that I have done.

Hi to all.
Yes I know him, I have been absent for some time,I have had some problems with my Pc and his connection to internet! My goodness, I didn't see the time that this returned to work, I felt me cut out, I am happy when I can visit my friends of blog:)))
I have had a lot of movement in these days:)))) Sinned the little time to sew.
Mattia, my greater child is recovering very well, it does physiotherapy three times a week. Its leg is repaired entirely, it now has to recover the movement.
We have made a beautiful party of halloween, the occasion was the birthday of Alice the smallest daughter.The children have had a lot of fun for this ;))) even if in Italy it is not tradition the to celebrate Halloween we have decorated the house the preceding week. Ghosts, witches, spiders and cobwebs that dangled ohhh yes, the fun was insured!!!