Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have been tagget

Well.... I have been tagget....Ok is not certain the first time,but this time I have decided to say something on me:

1)I love a lot of the mountain, perhaps because I were born there.

2)I would like to visit the States, at least once in my life ;))))

3)I go crazy for the Catalan cream, a typical Spanish dessert, but I very also like the pizza!

4)I prefer to listen to the music rather than to look on TV,

5)I love my job of nurse, I believe that I would change only it to open a shop of craft, but this stays a dream for me :)))

6) I love the smell of a clean house, but don't enjoy to clean.

7)Me hate to make gasoline!

8)The season that I prefer is the autumn, because it precedes the Christmas that is the most beautiful day that is for me.

9) I can't stop starting on new craft projects, my mind it is always in movement. A lot of ideas, little time!

Ok, I could continue but the best thing is that I close here... LOL!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swap stars

I have begun a new swap. The theme that I have chosen is " Stars", I like a lot this theme.

These are the first stars that have arrived: The first block of Cristina and in the second photo that of Denise. Many thanks, they is marvelous!!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


And' begun my summer, the children have ended the school and us we taste the beautiful days of sun. We pick up the strawberries and the raspberries to make some savory jams.

And' a lot of relaxant to quilt to the open one in garden!

Swap Guarda Agujas

As by now everybody they know that I love the swap, here is I want then to thank
Mar for his very beautiful Guarda Agujas that it did for me.
It is a precious gift, I don't have a so beautiful and embroidered!!!
Thank you very much!!!!