Friday, September 29, 2006


I believe to have a some feverish form for the pincushions. I am strongly attracted verse them, really. They likes to do them, to manufacture them, to give them..... Is it perhaps the case that I begin a collection???

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I didn't succeed in adding the photos:)))


Thanks to all those people that have left a wish for me, this it is very beautiful as gift of birthday :))))
I have not sewn this week, there has not been indeed the time, only a postcard for a friend. And' slipped away a very busy week, but I have worked to sweater and I have almost ended a soft scarf.
The inspiration has arrived to me looking at the blog of Dana, it is making a beautiful poncho, is very good!
Tomorrow we will have the orthopedic control for Mattia, I cross the fingers and I hope for everything ok!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Birthday day

Who is this baby? Bhe here to say the truth that child today it turns 38 years old and it doesn't seem me true that this whole time has passed already.
I didn't want to put on the blog this, but my husband told me: " To thing it serves otherwise a diary? "
Today nothing of detail, apart of the beautiful flowers from my husband and a lot of phone calls.
The last of one old aunt of mine has done so that me I burned the cake that was in the oven , grrr, luckily that it is still edible! :)))))

Sunday, September 17, 2006


And' already arrival the autumn?! Today has been on classical Sunday in autumn, has kept on raining and we have remained home on the couch to watch the beautiful movies and to eat chocolate :))))

Quilts for Leukemia

Turning in the blogses in this week I found by chance the blog of Hedgehog and my attention was attracted by two blocks red and white. I read that it participated with a French lady to a project on the search for leukemia. I went to see his blog: . I thought to when I worked in the department of pediatrics and to all the children that suffered from this illness. This way I contacted Clare and me I made these 2 blocks. Tomorrow morning they will take the road for France :))))
I believe that together us quilters we can do a lot :))) Thanks Clare!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hello to everybody.
Thanks to all for the wishes to Mattia. It is well, it doesn't even seem is operated to the femur, if it were that it has to be on the baby carriage
It is reading quite a lot books, we say that he is giving fund to the bookstore and all the books that he had received the last Christmases :)))))
It loves a lot the books, it is a snoop for nature, but it is not some one child that is on the books, rather it loves a lot to be to the open one, to walk, to build, to be in the middle of the nature.
It is a good child! For Mattia, in these days, Christmas has arrived. The grandparents, uncles and friends have come to find to find him and all have brought some gift; books, puzzles, dvd and a lot of candy.
It has exclaimed" Mamy, is not so much evil to break themselves a leg, then all come you to find and they make you the gifts! "
I believe to have learned to memory the sentences of the film " The chronicles of Narnia!" :))))

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This is the last Postcard that I received. I found her among the mail to my reentry to house. I love doing and to receive postcards. Has it been me expeditious from Martina, it is not attractive? I love a lot the sunflowers and to find her in the mail has been a pleasant surprise.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The photos of the adventure

With dad, that joy!!!! To house with Polly, "Who is it is the rabbit? " it seems to say :))))

With the helicopter.

In the hospital

The day before.
A lot of graces to all of you, are beautiful to know that there is people that have a kind thought for us. Mattia has exclaimed: "All of this is great! "

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What an adventure!!!!

Hi to all!!!!
Let's be again in house but more than a vacation have not spent an adventure!!!
Perhaps it is the case to say misadventure; a third day of vacation we decided to go out with the bicycle, unfortunately after having made few meters has started suddenly raining.
While in a line of descent Mattia, my greater child, is strongly fallen to earth making up for a fracture of the femur!!! Ohh my God that great fear!!!! It has immediately been brought in the hospital and operated with urgency. Luckily that the operation has gone very good and Mattia has been very brave and good!!!! Ohh it is really a fantastic child, after a week of hospital we have reentered in Italy.
Today the examinations of control have been performed and it seems that everything is all right.
I am really happy even if Mattia will have to be firm for other three weeks and subsequently with a lot of patience to recover with a good rehabilitation :))))
Our fortune has been to have found a good hospital with a good department of sporting trauma because this zone of the Tirol, in Austria, it is a famous skiing station and very frequented in winter. This is the zone: while this is the hospital: .
I believe that it needs to take the life with a pinch of philosophy and to learn to also look at the positive sides, I am often repeated me: and if had gone worse of this way?
This makes us understand that it will be a good motive to return them next year for our vacations:))))