Friday, September 08, 2006

The photos of the adventure

With dad, that joy!!!! To house with Polly, "Who is it is the rabbit? " it seems to say :))))

With the helicopter.

In the hospital

The day before.
A lot of graces to all of you, are beautiful to know that there is people that have a kind thought for us. Mattia has exclaimed: "All of this is great! "


Dana said...

Oh Simonetta, I wish your son a speedy recovery! That must have been quite a fall! Thank you for the anniversary wishes. My husband will be in your area the entire month of December. I wish I was going too.

Dana said...
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Linda_J said...

He certainly looks cheerful in spite of his ordeal. Harder on the parents than the patient?

Jeanne said...

Hi Simonetta!
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Mattia's fall and your too-exciting vacation! Glad he's home safe and smiling!

Denise Wheeler said...

Way to go Mattia!!!!! Most people NEVER get to fly in a helicopter! Kyrsten is proud of you for making the vacation a real adventure! Maybe next time she will follow your lead and change everyones vacation plans! HA HA!


baremona said...

I love the things you make and I hope your son is recovering soon! I will come "visit" you again soon :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ouch! I am sorry for the fall and broken leg. I told my husband what you said about Tyrol and he agrees that your son got to a very good hospital - the hospital of choice for skiers! My husband is from Austria and we live there in the winter and are often up in ski country!

We have OAMTC cards too - always handy in a travel emergency (for those who don't know - it is like AAA travel cards, but also has medical included - as you can see by the photo of the helecopter!).

I wish a speedy recovery for your son.