Friday, June 23, 2006

Hi to everybody.
Has been indeed today a very warm and sultry day. The temperature was of 36° degrees.The sultriness was unbearable indeed and the suits are attached to the skin!Mattia is to the field school in mountain and at least it he relaxes ;))))
We will go Sunday to do it visits him. There will be a party with all the parents and the children of the group. Ohh I hope that the day is beautiful! With this heat I don't succeed in concluding well nothing of, I have to end my postcards of the Swap, and then I have a tablerunner to complete.
I hope that for next week can rain so the air will refresh a few :)))) I should also make a pair of slippers for the bath to my sister! It has consumed those preceding that I had done her!!! I have some days to house from the job, next week and I hope to succeed in doing something :))))

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Not much time for quilting

Yes, in these days I have sewn really little.
Mattia has ended the school, the 4 class has been promoted to, while Alice has suffered from enterogastritis this week. Ohhh it has been really badly, poor baby : (((
Now it is recovering in hurry and it is well.
The warm time has finally arrived here also, perhaps too much warm in a hit only :)))
Well, the only thing that I ended was the purse for my mother.
It desired a new shop bag, so me decided to copy the model of mine.
I knew that mother liked a lot it. The purse has a block of irregular star to the center and is done with a fabric homespun. When mother saw the new purse it exclaimed: " It is too much beautiful to hold as shopbag, I will use this as purse it brings job! "

Friday, June 09, 2006

Is time crazy?

We have indeed the strange meteo!!! Let's be in June and us wear still the sweaters with long sleeves!!! very often the forecasts done in tv are wrong and every day rains!!!!
We have before a season a po strange. and the summer makes him attend:)))) These are the photos that I have gone off last Saturday around my house, every comment it is superfluous:)))