Monday, May 29, 2006

Busy, busy....

Last week I have been very busy and I think that also this that begins is not different:)))))Many appointments are formed, the party of end scholastic year of Mattia, the performance in the kindergarten of Alice, the dentist, a course of updating to my job..... Blehaaaa!!!!Ohhhs, are so distant still my vacations!!!!!Perhaps it is not the case that I think about this:)))) Luckily that I have received some Postcardses from the last swap.They is very beautiful, each different from the other.The swap is initiated in this group: an international group, to which also takes part my friend Denise: We have already made a swap of blocks, the theme was stars, subsequently we have begun the swap of Postalcard, the first one was hearts, now the theme is flowers :))) I hope to succeed in sending my Postcards within the end of the week!!!Other very beautiful thing, I have received some siggies for my collection:))))I love to exchange the siggies, this is a nice way to know people, .............. only the pleasure to open some small envelopes, to know that someone has done something for me, to feel himself a small part of a whole universe,....... this is a beautiful thing :)))) The inventor of this swap is a Dutch lady Annelies that this group has formed to which makes part 400 people coming from every part of the world! This is a site of a collector: It is better well perhaps, that I go to prepare the lunch, soon the hungry tribe will arrive:)))
Good day to everybody!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Red surprise :))))))

This morning I had a marvelous sight for my eyes!
After having accompanied the boys to school I changed road to return home, I brought the photographic car with me and I had to photograph this marvel to every cost!!!A field of wheat that is maturing to the sun was everything red....... they was poppies in flower!!!! Ohhh I was so happy to be able to see this prodigy of mother nature :))))))

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Many Thanks

Thanks to all of you that have visited my Blog in these days!I am happy to indeed this,
encourages me to continue and the to write in English it helps a lot me :)))) I would now like to do something with these fabrics, they makes part of the last swap that I did:))) Anything I already have in mind :-)))) What would you do you?

Along Came Polly

This is Polly!!!!! And' arrived Thursday afternoon for the joy of Mattia and Alice :)))) The happy air was in the whole house, the small rabbit was an a little frightened. It was very little happy!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Bargello is finished!!!

I ended last Saturday my Bargello. I was very happy for this, because it was my gift for my mother. I gave this to it for her recurrence of Sunday, it remained very surprised and happy! I found the idea to make this project on the site of Bonnie: Really a good job, thanks Bonnie!Its site is a resource of ideas, I love a lot its site and naturally I love the scrappy quilt :)))

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tomorrow 14 May they will be celebrated the mothers. Hurray the mothers of the whole world!!! My babies, Mattia and Alice have prepared some small gifts to school, they is so pretty!In these small gifts done with their hands there is to the inside everything of their love!!!! And me from good mother, have been moved :)))) To all the mothers I want to wish them "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great day!!!!

Today has been a beautiful day, even if it rains and it is cold :))))
Because, will ask you?! Simple, I have finally received the first number of a magazine
to which months I had subscribed ago!
By now I didn't hope for there more, instead here it is there to sprout from the hole of the letters in all of his shine :)))) There are not a lot of magazines in Italy that speak of patchwork, rather to say the truth only finds one. That's why we subscribe there to the foreign magazines.
Other motive because I am happy: this evening I talked for the first time to Denise:))))
It lives in Oregon in the States, this is fantastic, we often write us us but we were not never there languages because my PC had some problems.
Sunday evening,my husband has reformatted afresh it and at the end it has succeeded in installing the Messanger correctly!
Only that I have made my worse conversation of all of my life:))))
I was very excited and seemed me to have forgotten all the words!!!!
But this has been very beautiful, seem impossible that there are 9 hours of distance!
Here in Italy they were the 6 pm while in Oregon they were the 9 am :))))
And' fantastic!!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

English language

Excuse me if I have begun to write in English but it seemed me correct ,considering that the friends with which exchange siggys, blocks and also only ideas and thoughts, they lives in Europe and over ocean:))))
Here is me here in version English.
I hope that spares you me of the errors, unfortunately my English is not of the best:))))

Recently I have begun a job of Bargello, ohhhh it is very beautiful as fatiguing to do!
You turns all with to cut, sew, stretch, cut and to ri-sew!!!!
But at the end I believe the beautiful one it is insured:)))))
I now have to end the job!!!