Monday, May 08, 2006

English language

Excuse me if I have begun to write in English but it seemed me correct ,considering that the friends with which exchange siggys, blocks and also only ideas and thoughts, they lives in Europe and over ocean:))))
Here is me here in version English.
I hope that spares you me of the errors, unfortunately my English is not of the best:))))

Recently I have begun a job of Bargello, ohhhh it is very beautiful as fatiguing to do!
You turns all with to cut, sew, stretch, cut and to ri-sew!!!!
But at the end I believe the beautiful one it is insured:)))))
I now have to end the job!!!


dndwheeler said...

I love the bargello! I cannot wait to see it completed. I was happy to see you posting in english! It is much easier for me. And I understand you very well. Love ya' to pieces!!!!!! Denise

Pam said...

Your English is wonderful! I love hearing how and what is going on overseas in the quilting arena...thanks for using English so we can enjoy the conversation as well as your lovely pictures.

Leah S said...

I'm glad you switched to English - I love having another quilting blog to read. :)