Monday, May 29, 2006

Busy, busy....

Last week I have been very busy and I think that also this that begins is not different:)))))Many appointments are formed, the party of end scholastic year of Mattia, the performance in the kindergarten of Alice, the dentist, a course of updating to my job..... Blehaaaa!!!!Ohhhs, are so distant still my vacations!!!!!Perhaps it is not the case that I think about this:)))) Luckily that I have received some Postcardses from the last swap.They is very beautiful, each different from the other.The swap is initiated in this group: an international group, to which also takes part my friend Denise: We have already made a swap of blocks, the theme was stars, subsequently we have begun the swap of Postalcard, the first one was hearts, now the theme is flowers :))) I hope to succeed in sending my Postcards within the end of the week!!!Other very beautiful thing, I have received some siggies for my collection:))))I love to exchange the siggies, this is a nice way to know people, .............. only the pleasure to open some small envelopes, to know that someone has done something for me, to feel himself a small part of a whole universe,....... this is a beautiful thing :)))) The inventor of this swap is a Dutch lady Annelies that this group has formed to which makes part 400 people coming from every part of the world! This is a site of a collector: It is better well perhaps, that I go to prepare the lunch, soon the hungry tribe will arrive:)))
Good day to everybody!


Inga Helene said...

Nice postcards and siggies. Maybe we should exchange siggies?

Don't stress too much with all your appointments. Find time to relax and sew :-D


Wendy A said...

Those sure are beautiful quilts. I love the red flowered field pictured below. I just makes me smile.
Cheers from downunder.

Laurie Ann said...

You have been busy. How fun! Are you on vacation from work?

ANA said...

hola Simonetta
gracias por tus palabras en mi blog
es grato encontrar tanta gente a la que le gusta lo mismo y además lo aprecia, he visto varios de tus trabajos
mis más sinceras felicitaciones, me ha encantado el almohadón bargello y el nuevo proyecto es precioso

Tina said...

Hi Simonetta,
It looks like you have been having a busy week. I love your siggies, I would love to swap with you if you want? I hope you and the kids have a wonderful summer it's always fun to be with little one's...Hugs Tina

Denise Wheeler said...

Simonetta, Once again I am in awe that I have found such a wonderful friend in you! You make me want to smile every time I get e-mail from you. You are one of my greatest treasures!

I love what you are doing on your blog. Your photos are great and english is improving. Keep up the wonderful work.

Thanks for the photos of the poppies. They were great!

Huge hugs to you, my friend.


Dana said...

Your postcards and blocks are so pretty. I would love to send you one of each, if you would like. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Katjaquilt said...

I swapped siggies a while ago and I saw two siggies I also have. The embrodered one from Helen Clark and the Sunbonet Sue from Bente. Bente is one of the best friends of my Secrect Sister Angelika. Quilters world is a small one.

Andrea Bothe said...

Liebe Simonetta,
dein blog ist dir gelungen. Deine Hausschuhe finde ich ganz besonders schön. :-)
Herzliche Grüße