Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My mother

Here is I would like to speak to you of my mother, considered that on May 13 has been its party.
It is a whirlwind in movement, it is never firm and naturally it has the gold hands.

Will you certainly remember the pockets slippers that Marita it sent me? Here my mother is liked so much that has immediately made a pair for my daughter Alice.
It is very good with the job to knitting
I put in the photos the jobs he it does.

Thanks mom!!!

A lot of things to say

Yes, is true, the time passes fast and many have been the appointments for me and my family!
I have a lot to tell and I would like not to forget anything!
The first thing that I want to tell is the party that all of us have done in honor to my greater child Mattia. It has received the First Communion 8 last May and everything been so exciting!!!!

Si il tempo passa velocemente e le settimane volano! Molti sono stati gli impegni che io e tutta la famiglia abbiamo avuto. Il primo e molto importante è stata la Prima Comunione di mio figlio.
E' stata davvero una grande giornata e tutto è andato per il meglio :))))

Friday, May 04, 2007

Happiness is.....

A beautiful surprise waited me in the afternoon in my mail!!!!
An envelope from Norway..... Wow!!!! I didn't believe in my eyes!
My blog- friend Marita has sent me these marvelous jobs!
I am so happy :))))
To the inside two pockets worked to knit, a pincushion embroidered very well and a nice pin-flower that has already taken the place on my purse!!!!
Wow!!! Thank you very much, my friend Marita!!!! And today Marita it celebrated her birthday, therefore: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :))))))

10 years!!!

10 years??!!
Ohh yes, this small child with the sulky face is my child Mattia that yesterday has celebrated his tenth birthday!!!
Ohh boys, to me it seems impossible that this whole time has passed already and how many

adventures passed together.
Happy birthday,pup ;))))

10 anni??!!
Si, sembra propio impossibile ma quel piccolo bambino con il viso imbronciato che vedete nella foto è mio figlio piu grande, Mattia che ieri ha festeggiato i suoi primi 10 anni!!!!
Ohhh, mi sembra impossibile che lui sia cresciuto così in fretta e mi ritrovo a pensare a tutte le avventure che abbiamo trascorso insieme :)))))
Buon compleanno, cucciolo ;)))))