Saturday, June 17, 2006

Not much time for quilting

Yes, in these days I have sewn really little.
Mattia has ended the school, the 4 class has been promoted to, while Alice has suffered from enterogastritis this week. Ohhh it has been really badly, poor baby : (((
Now it is recovering in hurry and it is well.
The warm time has finally arrived here also, perhaps too much warm in a hit only :)))
Well, the only thing that I ended was the purse for my mother.
It desired a new shop bag, so me decided to copy the model of mine.
I knew that mother liked a lot it. The purse has a block of irregular star to the center and is done with a fabric homespun. When mother saw the new purse it exclaimed: " It is too much beautiful to hold as shopbag, I will use this as purse it brings job! "


Linda_J said...

well done on the shopping bag!

Hope that everyone feels better soon.

KCQuilter said...

Oh, the shopping bag/purse is so beautiful! You did a great job!

Marcie said...

Your bag is darling! I enjoyed looking at your blog today for the first time. Neat pictures, etc. I will be back!

Lily said...

Your mother sounds like she was very happy to receive her present. She is very lucky!

I hope that Alice is better very soon. Congratulations on your son being promoted in school!

Fiona said...

Lovely bag - I think I must make one!

Wendy A said...

Love your quilts. It makes me wish I was more artistic. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I would love to visit Italy some day!

Laurie Ann said...

Poor Alice, I am glad she's feeling better now. Love the bag. I can see how your Mother would love it!

Dana said...

Your bag turned out lovely! Even better that your mother loves it. I hope you have a great summer with the kids.