Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This is the last Postcard that I received. I found her among the mail to my reentry to house. I love doing and to receive postcards. Has it been me expeditious from Martina, it is not attractive? I love a lot the sunflowers and to find her in the mail has been a pleasant surprise.


Patti said...

What a happy, sunny surprise to find in your mailbox! What a special friend you must have!

Linda_J said...

This is gorgeous, Simonetta. Do you have quite a collection of fabric postcards already? How is your little guy feeling--getting lots of sympathy from his mates?

Jeanne said...

The tucked petals are fun! Sunflowers are so cheerful!

How's Mattia?


Nadine said...

Gorgeous, and so funny !
If you explain to me how to proceed (measurements, etc...) I would send one to you with pleasure (and you would send one to me ?).


bluerain said...

This is beautiful!! I would love to learn how to make these..

Hope you are settling down after all of your adventures (:

Shelina said...

It is very pretty. A beautiful bright ray of sunshine in a flower.