Friday, January 05, 2007


Here in Italy we celebrate the Epiphany beginning this night.
In fact it believes that the Epiphany makes visit to the children the preceding night the epiphany  (6 January) to fill the stockings, on purpose leaves suspended from the children in that night, if they have been good with candy and chocolates, otherwise if the coal riempies have been bad. The Epiphany is often described as an old, that flies on a broom. Unlike a witch is often smiling and has a purse or a lot full of candy, gifts, but also of coal.

Mattia and Alice they are at work already, have already hung their stockings and they wait with trepidation the nice oldie!

According to the popular story, the Kings Magi, direct to Bethlehem to bring the gifts Jesus Bambino, not succeeding in finding the road, they asked information to an old.
Despite their insistences, so that it followed them to make visit to the small one, the woman it didn't go out to accompany them. Subsequently repented him not to have gone with them, after having prepared a basket of sweets, it went out and it started looking for them without succeeding us.
This way it stopped him to every house that found along the walk, giving candy to his children that he met, in the hope that one of them were the small Jesus.
Since then it would turn for the world, making gifts to all the children, to make to be forgiven.



Laurie Ann said...

Simply enchanting! I may save our stockings for Epiphany next year. Thanks so much for sharing your culture with us!

Linda_J said...

How wonderful to hear how you celebrate the holiday season in Italy. I hope that Mattia and Alice are in the chocolate and candies group--bet they are!

I also hope that things are quieting down for you at work. I have heard it said that since so many things are handled as outpatients anymore, that the ones who do have to go to the hospitals are really the most ill, almost critical.

Denise Wheeler said...

Love your stocking tradition! Needless to say, ours is much different with Santa leaving the gifts in stockings on Christmas Eve night. Bye for now


teodo said...

Penso che fai il lavoro più bello "aiutare i bambini che devono scoprire il nostro mondo" Ciao

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely story of your Epiphany custom! Thanks for sharing.