Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Don't marvel me this, everybody they say that I am a solar person :))))


Linda_J said...

one of my favorite flowers---love that yellow and gold color! And congratulations to Italy for winning the World Cup!

Maureen said...

Enjoy your blog! Congratulations on winning the World Cup! I too don't follow Soccor...when the announcement of the win was Italy I was at an White Sox baseball game in Chicago, the crowd erupted and cheered so we are happy Italy won too!

Dana said...

I, too, am a solar person. Love the slippers! Congratulations on winning the World Cup! I've been a lame blogger and reader. Trying to catch up. See you soon, maybe?

Tina said...

Hi Simoneta, Thanks for stoping by and visiting...I hope you are enjoying the summer with the kids.....School is going to start here in the Mid West, USA in about 4 weeks the summer has just flown by...Hope you are getting some sewing done...
Hugs Tina

bluerain said... is beginning again in 2 weeks..we have much to 'catch up'. This will be so much fun!!