Monday, July 03, 2006

Hi to everybody.Have I had some problems with my old PC, ohhh yes; it has decided to go away for some time : ((( And' is perhaps for the unbearable heat that is in these days? Indeed it is a lot of heat, almost suffocating, I hope that it can rain in the next days.Now that the children have begun the summer vacations they find a lot of fun to splash about in the small rubber swimming pool in garden :)))

I have made some photos to the beautiful flowers of the garden of my mother. Ohh it adores a lot his garden and his flowers they are stupendous. It devotes a lot of love and the results they are seen. There are at times days that my children find again him to play to ball, happens that some flowers you are found in the trajectory of their games and it it exclaims: " Ahhh, my poor flowers!!! " But it loves too much his nephews to scold them:))))

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