Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Champions of the world!!!

"We are the champions" sang F.Mercury and the Queen in a song!Bhee, to be sincere,I don't love the football (it is a sport that I don't digest,perhaps for the motive that in Italy the sport is only football, the rest doesn't exist) I have not even looked at the game of Sunday but I have reentered to house in the additional times but been a great emotion because it was my beloved Italy that that the cup won, and for Italy I am ready to make the typhus in every occasion.
And' is very beautiful, and the principal plaza was later here in delirium, as in Italy!!
A beautiful satisfaction!!!!


Laurie Ann said...

Yeah Italy!!! What are you working on? I miss your posts!

Simonetta said...

Hi Laurie Ann, I have finally ended some PostCard and I am now working for a small tablerunner ;)))I should also end the blocks yellow-green to pp. Sinned that the time to sew that I have available it is really little :))))

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Lily said...

Congrats anyway! Australians feel better now because we were beaten by Italy - champions of the world!!