Sunday, June 03, 2007

News Siggys

These are the last siggyses that I have received.
I love a lot this collection, it allows me to know people from every part of the world. And' a swap without limit of time and it is very simple.

Thanks to Annelies that coordinates this swap.

To who is it interests to participate to it, this is the Link of Annelies:
Or can write me to my mail.

Questi sono gli ultimi siggys, bellissimo che ho ricevuto. Mi piace far parte di questo swap, si conosce gente nuova da ogni parte del mondo.
E' uno swap senza tempo limite. Per chi fosse interessato a prenderne parte questo è il Link di Annelies, la coordinatrice:
Oppure può scrivermi una mail.

Grazie Annelies!!!!


Annelies said...

Hello Simonetta,

How nice to see your latest siggies. They are so beautiful.

Warmest regards,


baremona said...

It seems like a lot of fun with the siggies! I have to look into that! I love all the wonderful things you make! Have a wonderful afternoon :)

Patti said...

What marvelous creative blocks!

Mª Engracia said...

Please put me in the list!!!!! I like to make a siggy block!! Thanks.

Denise said...

Belli, belli, belli ed ora mi è arivato anche il pennarello per la stoffa....mi sa che uso immediatamente il link :)
Grazie per la dritta!!!!!
Un bacione

Pam said...

Beautiful siggys. It is so nice to have the blocks from all over the world. Enjoy them :))

teodo said...

Mi fai venire la voglia.
ciao ciao

Flori said...

BElli !quanti ne hai ?io 70

Rakel said...

Ciao Simonetta! Li invito a meme! molto è divertito, entra nel miei blog e lati che sono! Rakel.

Timotei said...

Beautiful blocks! It seems fun with a swap like this. I hope it's okey that I put your blog in my linklist?

Nadia said...

bellissimi, ma a che quota sei??

ciao nadia

Simonetta said...

Oramai ho raggiunto 150 :))))

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

They are completely and wonderfully fantastic! You are lucky to have such great souvenirs.

Denise said...

Simo grazie! Sono partita, mi ha scritto Annelies che ha già spedito :)
Un abbraccio

Nadine said...

They're beautiful, Simonetta !

Big hugs and smiles to you (and thanks for your kind comment on my blog !)

Baci !

Shelina said...

These are pretty siggy blocks. They look like a lot of fun, especially since they are different from each other. They really show the personality of the makers.

Grazia said...

ma che carina questa iniziativa!!!!
quasi quasi........
Brava Simonetta e grazie per il link!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the siggies are beatiful!!!
You're a great artist.

Annelies said...

Hello Simonetta,

Through your blog several ladies has contacted me that also want to participate. Thank you for placing the beautiful photo. At the moment there are more than 450 ladies on the addresslist.

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are wonderful, what a nice swap !

Cheryl said...

It was so nice to hear from you again, Simonetta! I love your siggies! I hope all is well with you and your family!