Friday, December 01, 2006

Advent Calendar

Yes I know; is a lot of time that I don't write but in these days I am really hocked!
Mattia, my greatest child, continuous with the fisio-therapy, it is really very good! Alice,my small daughter, is preparing the performance for the Christmas, it is so excited!!!
Begins to breathe air of Christmas in the house, we have begun to prepare some sweet, and some decoration appears here and her.
I really love the Christmas!
Today 1 December, first day of Advent!!!Ok, considering that I write few I will undertake me to make a calendar of Advent a little personnel in the web:))) I will undertake me every day to add a Christmas link up to Christmas! What do you think of it you?
I begin with an Italian site today that from some idea to make some angels!!!
Happy fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, Simonetta. Busy time of year and your children are probably quite excited about the holidays. Cute stocking graphic and lovely angels on the website you referred us to.