Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hi to everybody. I have been a few distant from my PC lately, but my back is painful in this period. My job doesn't help to be better, it is heavy. The position to be in front of the pc is for me painful and is for this motive that I have not adjourned my blog. 
But I have made some photos, we have gone to walk in the wood and we have picked up the chestnuts. Mattia, my greater child has remained home with the grandparent because it is not able still to walk, it uses the clothes hanger and then has waited us to house.It was not too much happy for this but it is recovering very well, indeed.


Fiona said...

Hope your back is better soon. Poor Mattia, he must be very frustrated not to be able to join the others in the wood.

Linda_J said...

It looks like your trees go through fall changes too. Mattia wants the clothes hanger to scratch up his cast? I have heard that setting a hair blower on cool setting and aiming it at the hot spot beneath is supposed to help. Never tried it as no broken bones.

Hope you start feeling better with your back soon. Not fun, I know.